Thursday, July 30, 2009

High Noon and Killers

All right--two things.
One is that we didn't get to talk about the similarities/dissimilarities between Child of God and other serial killer stories you might be familiar with. I'd be interested to hear about that. I have some ideas, but I don't want to poison the well prematurely.

Two, we're going to start watching High Noon today--we likely won't finish until Monday, as we have some O'Connor to talk about. I'm interested in the conventions of the genre--westerns have clearly influenced the McCarthy we're about to get into, so having an understanding of the conventions he's working with and against seems like a useful project. High Noon is a canonical western, so we should be able to compile a pretty comprehensive list of the conventions. Keep track of what you notice here.

1 comment:

  1. The following statements are about the movies conventions and if I expected them or not.


    1. The way the hero prevails over the evil criminals.
    2. There is a man seeking vengeance against our hero because the hero has punished him prior.
    3. I noticed a great amount of alcohol, no surprise here, there was nothing to do back then.
    4. People tell Kane to leave and he than fights a friend over it, but he still is adamant in exterminating the outlaw problem.


    1. Grace Kelley's character chooses her husband's life over her religious beliefs and kills the third gunman by shooting him in the back.
    2. Many townspeople profess to admire Kane, only a fourteen year old boy is willing to lend a hand.