Friday, August 7, 2009

All The Pretty Horses and Blood Wedding

From looking All The Pretty Horses and focusing on Duena Alfonsa especially on pages (132-136) you can see how her life is full of old-world ties and with antiquity and tradition. (132) By looking at this section of the book I was able to draw comparison between Duena Alfonsa and her old-world ties and tradition to that of The Mother in Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca. What stood out the most were the lines “I want you to be considerate of a young girl’s reputation.” “Here a women’s reputation is all she has.” (136) Duena Alfonsa was the older wise woman looking out for bloodlines/traditions and the best interest of her granddaughter and family. The Mother from Blood Wedding was doing the same, but for her son the Bridegroom. Both of these women seem to be molding characters. They helped to mold the main character and advance their development.

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