Monday, August 17, 2009

Similarities and Differences Among McCarthy's Novels

I feel that the books we have read so far including Child Of God, All The Pretty Horses, Blood Meridian, and No Country For Old Men are all very similar in many ways, for instance the geographic settings, the abundance of brutal deaths, and the common protagonist readers most enjoy. I think No Country For Old Men is written a little different then the other books. I have been reading Cormac McCarthy's work for four weeks now and I have begun to understand his literary work and I think No Country For Old Men, even though an easy read, is still very confusing. At the beginning of the book I had a hard time understanding who the characters were and what their roles were in the novel. The italicized print in the first few chapters threw me off at first because I didn't know who was narrating these sections, whether it was in 3rd person or just another character talking. The italicized literature is also different from McCarthy's previous books we have read. I think in this book we can clearly see who the good and evil characters were; however, in the previous books it seemed most of all the characters were evil in some way. I also think since this book is an easy read, it is not detailed like the other books. The weather conditions, the setting, and the murders/slayings are all very much detailed in Blood Meridian, All The Pretty Horses, and Child Of God. As a reader I am horrified because I actually feel like I am seeing what the character in the book is seeing and I feel what they are feeling; In my opinion, I feel this is what makes a good book.I also noticed that the narrator uses "he" instead of using "I" or "we" which is often used in Blood Meridian and McCarthy's other novels; therefore, it was harder to get involved in the book. I didn't feel I was apart of the characters or the scenes. Overall, I love reading McCarthy's books, even though they are gruesome at times, I feel his work leads to great discussion topics in class.

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