Thursday, August 20, 2009

Can't think of a good title.

I noticed something odd on page 282 of The Road. Right after the father dies, the boy walks onto the road and sees the man that he eventually joins with. The first thing the man ever says to the boy is, "Wheres the man you were with?" I thought this was strange because the man should have not known the boy was with his father. What I came up with is that the man and his family he says he has, must have been following the father and the boy. This would explain the other boy the boy sees on page 84 because the man later says he has a boy and a girl the same age as him.

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  1. I made that same connection. I also wondered if the young boy with the man who takes in the boy after his father dies could be the boy seen on page 84. I wonder if there was more to this or just a little light on what was to come.