Monday, August 3, 2009

The dumpkeepers girls.

I was thinking about why Lester was able to murder so many people over such a long period of time. That town in the story was supposed to be pretty small so I could not understand why he wasn't questioned about any of the murders until the end of the book. Then I thought about the theory of Lester killing the dumpkeepers daughters that we discussed in class. At first I didn't think this theory was true but then I realized that it could explain why he got away with so many murders. Since we know the dumpkeeper was Lester's friend and his daughters were whores it explains why Lester could murder so many girls without anyone caring. On page 38 when Lester is talking to the dumpkeeper, the dumpkeeper ask Lester if he has seen his daughters because they have been gone for three days. Lester says no then the dumpkeeper just says they are probably out being wild somewhere. I think Lester decided to murder these girls because he knew no one would care. On pages 177-178 when the group of men come to take Lester out of the hospital I one man ask Lester "How many people did you kill?" then says "You killed that Lane girl and burned her and that baby down in the house and you killed them people in them parked cars on the Frog Mountain." I thought this was interesting because the people the man mentioned were all the people that we knew weren't the dumpkeepers daughters. I think this may prove the theory that he murded the dumpkeepers daughters because Lester was only questioned by the townspeople at the end of the book after he had killed other people besides the daughters. This is sort of a theory inside a theory so I may be totally wrong. It was just an interesting thought I had.

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  1. Actually, the Lane girl is the dumpkeeper's daughter that we know was murdered at the dumpkeeper's house. We also never find out who the rest of the people are, so we really don't know if the girls from the cars are the dumpkeeper's girls or not. I personally think they are.