Monday, August 24, 2009

Rev it up!

I know we did not really talk about Revelations all that much, but I couldn't help but notice the significance in McCarthy's novels compared to the good and evil displayed in the book of Revelations. In western conventions we usually always see the difference between good and evil; however, in some of McCarthy's novels it was hard to decipher between the two, for instance in Blood Meridian between the kid and the judge. At first I thought the kid was respectable untill he helped murder a guy in which we can compare him to the the deceitful Judge.

I think a good example of Revelations can be seen in No Country For Old Men because good and evil compete throughout the novel as compared to Revelations. Chigurh is compared to Satin, Bell and Llewelyn could be the angels in the bible. However, the end is non-comparable because good always triumphs over evil and at the end of the novel I didn't feel Chigurh got what he deserved or payed for his crimes like the evil in the book of Revelations.

I think in all of McCarthy's books we see a torrence between right and wrong/good and evil and this idea just influences me to learn more about the theory behind McCarthy's liturature.

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